Hello my name is Ashley Meeks, and my background is that I have spent the last 18 years as a Paralegal working for criminal defense attorneys that specialize in lifetime sex offender registration challenges. Over the years I have assisted many people with either terminating their lifetime sex offender registration, expunging their criminal records, or having their pictures, and addresses removed from the website.

If you are a Texas Registered Sex Offender and it has been awhile since you were convicted, and ordered to register as a sex offender perhaps you should apply for Deregistration. My office charges a flat fee of $995.00 to assist you with the rigours of the Texas Sex Offender Deregistration process. Its usually best when attempting to Deregister to HIRE A SEASONED PROFESSIONAL.

Step 1. Get a copy of your indictment, offense report, and probable cause affidavit from the Criminal Clerk of Court's Office.

Step 2. Fill out the application to Deregister, and attach the Court documents, and then submit to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment, Austin, Texas for an initial determination.

Step 3. You must get fingerprinted by the FBI, and Texas Department of Public Safety.

Step 4. You must meet with a Licensed Deregistration Specialist who will make a report and submit to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment.

Step 5. If given permission to Deregister by the Council on Sex Offender Treatment then petition the Court for early termination of registration based on the Council's recommendation that you may deregister.

Ashley Meeks, Deregistration Paralegal

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Isn't it time that you QUIT CARRYNG AROUND THAT BALL & CHAIN......

You can't get your picture or address off of the website unless you step up and apply for Texas Sex Offender Deregistration.

Disclaimer: Ashley Meeks ONLY offers Administrative Assistance services to In Pro Per-Self Help persons interested in applying for Texas Sex Offender deregistration. Ashley Meeks charges a fee for his services. Ashley Meeks IS NOT a licensed attorney in ANY state, nor can he give ANY legal advice, or represent you in a court of law. If you are in need of legal advice PLEASE CONSULT A LICENSED ATTORNEY IN YOUR AREA. Mr. Meeks does NOT evaluate your case nor can he to determine if you are a good candidate for Texas Sex Offender Deregistration. This decision is up to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment in Austin, Texas.