Ashley Meeks is a Registered & Bonded Orange County Legal Document Assistant. L.D.A. # 324. Prior to becoming an L.D.A., I spent 18 years doing contract criminal, & appellate paralegal work for New Orleans, Louisiana, Orange County, & Los Angeles California criminal defense attorneys. I have spent the majority of those 18 years briefing criminal appeals under those attorney's supervision. However, I have spent the last 10 years working closely with P.C. 290 attorneys in Orange County, & Los Angeles County who challenge their client's LIFETIME SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION IN CALIFORNIA. This is my experience prior to becoming a Legal Document Assistant in Orange County, Ca. Please feel free to call me personally at (714) 469-6729

If you would like to purchase a copy of my book, please click on the " buy now " button above the book. Then run your debit or credit card for $59.95, which includes shipping and handling. Once you have purchased the book please call me direct at (714) 469-6729. This book is ONLY about the author, and his personal experience's in dealing with lifetime sex offender registration as a paralegal, and some statistical data.

Thanks, Ashley

Ashley Meeks is a Registered & Bonded Legal Document Assistant in Orange County, California. In many cases it may NOT be necessary to hire a high priced attorney if basic legal document preparation is all that you may need. I can assist you with drafting your EXPUNGEMENT, DOJ P.C. 290 INTERNET EXCLUSION PAPERWORK. Prior to becoming a Legal Document Assistant I DID PARALEGAL WORK for California P.C. 290 attorneys who challenged their clients lifetime sex offender registration. I have alos been briefing California State Criminal Appeals, & Writs of State Habeas Corpus, Writs of Error Coram Nobis/Vobis, for criminal defense attorneys. If you are in need of legal document preparation please give me a call. WHY HIRE AN EXPENSIVE ATTORNEY WHEN ALL YOU MAY NEED IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT ASSISTANT. Legal Document Preparation done by Mr. Meeks in his capacity as an L.D.A. is at the direction of the client pursuant to Calfornia Business & Professions Code 6400. Subsequently any work done for an Attorney is always under the DIRECT SUPERVISION of the hiring Attorney.

Why hire a HIGH PRICED ATTORNEY, if you just need legal document preparation. In fact that is why the California Legislature enacted Business & Professions Code 6400. This allows the average working person an opportunity to get Legal Documents Prepared at a reasonable price. Therefore, if you find that you may be in need of Legal Document preparation for a P.C. 290 Department of Justice (DOJ) Internet Exclusion, or to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor, under P.C. 17(b), an Expungement under P.C. 1203.4, please give me a call.

Remember that your legal problems don't just go away because you can't afford a high priced attorney. Today most employers do criminal background checks prior to hiring. This is where an expungement and/or reducing a felony to misdemeanor, or a Department of Justice (DOJ) Internet Exclusion could be helpful. When it comes to YOUR LEGAL DOCUMENT PREPARATION NEEDS, please feel free to give me a call at (714) 469-6729.

Disclaimer: Ashley Meeks is a Legal Document Assistant in Orange County, California. Ashley Meeks is also an Appellate Paralegal who does contract work for criminal defense attorneys. Mr. Meek's contract Paralegal Business is for licensed attorneys ONLY pursuant the passing of AB 1761. Mr. Meeks is also a Registered & Bonded Legal Document Assistant in Orange County, California. Mr. Meeks does prepare basic legal documents for the public, at THEIR direction pursuant to Business & Professions Code 6400. However, Ashley Meeks IS NOT a licensed attorney, nor can he give ANY legal advice, or represent you a court of law. Mr. Meeks is Registered & Bonded Legal Document Assistant, Orange County LDA # 324. If you are in need of Legal Advice PLEASE CONSULT A LICENSED CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY.