Hello my name is Ashley Meeks, and my background is that I have spent the last 18 years as a Criminal Paralegal working for criminal defense attorneys that specialize in lifetime sex offender registration challenges. Over the years I have assisted many people with either terminating their lifetime sex offender registration, expunging their criminal records, or having their pictures, and addresses removed from the website.

I have often received calls from Texas Registered Sex Offenders asking me if I could assist them with the new Deregistration process in the State of Texas? The answer is YES. I can assist you or your family member who is a Texas Registered Sex Offender with the administrative process in order to apply for Deregistration in the State of Texas. I will hold your hand, and assist you throughout the ENTIRE PROCESS. If you wish to hire me to assist you with the rigours of the Texas Sex Offender Deregistration process I charge a flat fee of $1500.00 which covers my valuable time, and any/all expenses in your matter. If you have received my flier in the mail and have made the decision to hire me, I look forward to working closely with you to see if we can get you Deregistered in the great State of Texas. Now the first step is to call my office and run your Debit card, Credit card, at this time. Once you have made payment I will open your file and we can start the deregistration paperwork process.

Ashley Meeks,

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The Texas Sex Offender Deregistration process essentially involves a 5 step process which I can assist you with accordingly.

1. Pull your sex offense conviction records from the Texas Court of your conviction. (These records will need to be attached to your deregistration application).

2. Submit an application to deregister to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment, Austin, Texas.

3. Next step is you must get fingerprinted and have the prints sent electronically to CSOT.

4. If approved by CSOT for deregistration then you must meet with a State of Texas approved Deregistation Specialist for an evaluation. Once the evaluation is completed, the evaluation specialist will send the report to CSOT. The report is reviewed by the Council on Sex Offender Treatment, and then CSOT will send the report directly to you or your attorney if you have one.

5. If the report is favorable, and does recommend deregistration then you must petition the Court to deregister.


Isn't it time that you quit carrying around that ball and chain?

Disclaimer: Ashley Meeks ONLY offers Administrative Assistance to Texas Registered Sex Offenders who wish to attempt to deregister. Mr. Meeks charges a fee for his services. Ashley Meeks IS NOT a licensed attorney in ANY state, nor can he give ANY legal advice, or represent you in a court of law. If you are in need of legal advice PLEASE CONSULT A LICENSED ATTORNEY IN YOUR AREA.